Erasing David

The Production Team

About the Director

David Bond is an award-winning director, producer and writer of documentary, commercial and short film projects. He graduated from the Met Film School in 2004 and since then has completed various film projects exploring social and political themes. ERASING DAVID is David’s first feature documentary. David co-runs production company Green Lions with his creative partner Ashley Jones and is currently in development on several projects including new feature docs, a radio series for the BBC and a book about his adventures on the run.

About the Producer

Ashley Jones co-runs indie production company Green Lions with creative partner David Bond, producing, directing and developing documentary and fiction projects. As well as producing ERASING DAVID, his first feature doc, Ashley recently directed a series of 3 Minute Wonder films for Channel 4 about the UK strip industry, and is currently developing new projects, including three feature docs and a radio documentary series for the BBC.

About the Co-Director/Producer

Melinda McDougall is a freelance filmmaker and journalist who has worked on numerous programmes for Channel 4 and the BBC including Gypsy Wars, Cutting Edge and The Apprentice. She prefers the grittier side of life and is happiest when surrounded by prostitutes, strippers, ticket touts or Irish Travellers.

About the Editors

Steve Barclay and Wojciech Duczmal are both brilliant editors.

About the Associate Producer

Rebecca Lloyd-Evans has previously worked as a producer on high profile projects such as the documentary THE TRIAL OF SADDAM HUSSEIN and as a development producer on nature, science and observational documentaries for world-wide broadcasters. Rebecca previously worked as Head of Development at Rise Films (WE ARE TOGETHER), and was the Associate Producer for Green Lions Films’ ERASING DAVID. She is currently working on a secret factual series for Channel 4.

About the camera

Annemarie Lean-Vercoe and Gavin Northover are both brilliant camerapeople and lovely folk…


  1. Ok, so this site requires the commenters giving their information… quite ironic, right?
    haha, just kiding…

    I’m here to say that i’m from Brasil and just watched “Erasing David”… great documentary, mind-opener that can start great discussions about how controlled our personal informations are, AND how nowadays our society is more controlled by the big Companies, commerce etc… (I believe they have more information than the governement itself)

    I particularly loved the last scene, where the couple is making the baby’s birth certificate… it makes the whole documentary ends in a conclusion (in my point of view) that, if you really want your privacy, freedom, release from the system and establishment, you shouldn’t even start making your first document…
    I would like to know the director, David Bond’s opinion about that… I’m being too radical?

    Comment by Jan — September 11, 2012 @ 7:03 am

  2. Thanks Jan!

    Yes that’s the point of the ending, nice spot. As a parent you want your kid to be ‘in the system’ so they have all the benefits of e.g. healthcare etc, but at the same time, once you register them, they are logged and captured!

    I agree – corporations have more info than most governments… Is that true in Brazil, in your view?



    Comment by David Bond — October 17, 2012 @ 3:31 pm

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