Erasing David

The Scotsman

Film Review: Erasing David

Published Date: 01 May 2010

By Alistair Harkness



LIKE a less annoying Morgan Spurlock, British documentary maker David Bond has contrived an entertaining scenario to expose the extent to which our privacy is being invaded and compromised. Perturbed by a government letter regretfully informing him that, along with 25 million other people, some of his personal data – including his name, address and bank account details – has been “misplaced”, Bond decides to find out what information our database culture holds on him while going on the run for 30 days from private detectives he’s hired to track him down with nothing to go on initially but his name. Though Bond is guilty of upping the dramatic stakes of the documentary’s chase element by deciding to disappear while his wife is seven months’ pregnant, the ease with which the private investigators are able mine crucial information from social networking sites and other everyday sources is a sobering reminder of how carelessly we’re submitting ourselves to an almost Stasi-like information state.

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