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This is the 1/2 hour guide to beefing your privacy.  The 101 for how to live a rather more personal existence.

1. Loyalty Cards etc

Get a new Oyster card (£3) and don’t register it.

Cut up your loyalty cards.  The money off is not worth it.  Supermarkets make more from selling and using your data than they give back to you in money-off vouchers. You’ll shop in more varied places and save money.  If you shop online – then be aware the most major supermarkets will keep you data whatever you set your preference to.  So I’d say don’t.

2. Junk mail

Join the Mail Preference Service now. It takes 1 minute:

Mail Preference Service

Whether or not you register with the Mailing Preference Service (MPS) if you have actually asked an organisation to send you advertisements, you will receive those mailings from that organisation. Giving permission to an individual organisation overrides the MPS. This of course explains why there are so many tick boxes and why they are always so small and difficult to find.

I’ve also been registered with the Telephone Preference Service for quite a while now and it’s led to a much quieter life with those nasty sales calls occuring very infrequently. It really does work. If you live in the UK and haven’t registered – do it! It’s free and really is no hassle.

Telephone Preference Service

If you receive regular unwanted mail from a specific company despite being registered with the MPS, you have probably forgotten to tick the opt-out box. To stop such mail you have to contact the sender directly and ask to be removed from its mailing list. By law, organisations are obliged to respect such a request.

You are now more private than when you first logged on..


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