Erasing David


This is the 1/2 hour guide to beefing your privacy.  The 101 for how to live a rather more personal existence.

1. Take the NO2ID pledge

The first step is the hardest.  Pledge that you won’t be doing with any ID cards if the government insists you have one.  This take the shortest time but it states your right to control the government databases that you are on.  Join the causeSign the pledge.  (Notice that NO2ID does not demand any personal information.)

2. The big NHS opt out

This how they got David.  You’d like to think that a massive database with all our health records on is a good idea.  But you’d be wrong.  No is the time to opt out.  Once they upload your records, you’ve sod all chance of getting any kind of control over them ever again.  This website does the letter for you in around 30 seconds.  Yes to have to press print and then sign and post it.  Sorry.

The Big Opt Out

3. The local register

Getting off the edited local electoral roll means so much more than drawing a line in the sand with the state.  Not only do credit rating agencies use the edited roll to check you out – but local governement sells it to private companies, who then track you and market to you.  Yuk.

Local authorities produce two versions of the register. There is a Full Register that can be inspected, and a slimmed down version that is available for marketing purposes, which is called the Edited Register.

If you want to have your name omitted from the Edited Register then either tick the box on the electoral registration form when it comes around in the autumn or click here..


Enter your postcode, then click on the email address link at the bottom right of the page and send the following email:

Dear Local Authority,

I wish to opt out of the edited version of the electoral register.



Please confirm when you have done this.




Congratulations, you are taking control of your information and on the path to a more private life…

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