Erasing David


In the film, we see David in conversation with Professor Angell of the London School of Economics. Here David notes that if we do not give up some information we simply cannot access any services.

The British government is currently trying to introduce identity cards. They say that the cards will provide an easy and secure way for legal UK residents to prove who they are. However, the cards are controversial: people have different views about whether they are a good idea or not.

The ID card can be used as a reference for checking and confirming ID when voting, opening a bank account or hiring a video. It will act as proof age for buying alcohol or cigarettes.

Design your own identity card in your exercise book or on a piece of paper. What information do you think you would need to have on the card you are designing?

HOW FAR IS TOO FAR? Clearly we have to sacrifice some freedom in order to benefit from public services such as education or health. Do ID cards represent a step too far, or are they essential for security and proving people’s entitlement to services?

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