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paranoid moi?

Are you more or less paranoid about your data than you were 12 months ago? When I look at the film now and see myself looking pale and gaunt it takes be back to how frightening it was at the time – but I reckon I’m more careful now than I’ve ever been with my data. There’s a good reason why people use the phrase ‘he has a hunted look’ – I really had a hunted look! One thing I noticed was that for the whole time I was running away, I had a really stiff neck. A doctor told me that this is a common symptom if you are constantly in ‘flight’ mode. Basically it is your body telling you to look behind you! So at the time, I barely slept, I began to have paranoid thoughts about everybody I met or even passed in the street. I wondered if people were agents of the Private Investigators. I even began to wonder if my producer (and great friend) Ashley had betrayed me in order to make the film turn out a certain way (he hadn’t, by the way, and he’s forgiven me for thinking that!). By the end I had started talking to myself and was showing signs of deepening paranoia. The really freaky thing was that this didn’t just stop when the film was over. For a good few weeks afterwards I found it really hard to sleep and settling back into family life was much harder than I thought it would be. The long term effect of making the film (it is over a year on now) has been the most profound. I routinely question exchanges of data and information that most people don’t notice. This can be a pain – but it is also really liberating: I better understand the Faustian pact we have with governments and corporations. And I am resolved to fight my and my family’s corner when it comes to letting others learn about, profile and map us.


  1. I am an American, but I feel no more safe than those in the UK. My concerns go beyond losing a job etc. I cannot but think what Hitler or Stalin would have done with such technology, such access to so much information. And though in our day most think such evil is not possible, I am far from convinced of this. So, the possibility of one like Hitler or Stalin having control of this information is scary. This coupled with changing values makes me worry what if my views become unacceptable, a crime? Those in NYC are currently faced with 32oz sodas being a crime. That is scary. I would love to hear if folks across the pond have simular concerns. I mean there regulations and laws the UK and Europe have that boggle my mind, but to those who’ve grown up in it may not see a problem.

    Comment by Luther — June 20, 2012 @ 10:41 pm

  2. Yes and if you are on record as being a consumer of 32oz sodas, you might be blacklisted from insurance providers… Stalin would have loved database data capture. He’d have got the list of subscribers to Private Eye and pushed them out of a helicopter. David

    Comment by David Bond — October 17, 2012 @ 3:38 pm

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