Errors in the preparation of essay

Essay does not use multiple-choice directions (at a time when you personally as a choice will recommend many alternatives to imprisonment). Making essay has no time limit, and can easily edit it more than once, ask friends to read your personal essay. Take advantage of different opportunities and of course take the trouble to avoid common mistakes.

Bad check

By no means consider, what will be limited exclusively to the control of spelling. Read your own essay and make sure about the fact that there are not actually any meaningful expressions, bad speed, etc.

Extremely long introductions. Missing cluster of components

Too often interesting essay differs by the fact that this is a list of statements without the use of images of their examples. At the time of writing essay are typical components: the priority of hard work and then perseverance, preparation for their miscalculations, etc.


Essay cut a specific amount of text, in this regard, you personally need to thoroughly manage this volume. Sometimes it designates in General the denial from certain thoughts or details, especially if they are of course long ago where something was mentioned and not quite directly related to the case. Such cases basically switch the reader’s (listener’s) attention and complete essay’s key theme.

Long texts

The longer the phrase, the better – that’s what some candidates think. However, this is not entirely true. A long expression even does not prove the truth of the Creator, but a brief summary recommendation very often makes a greater impact. The best way, if in the essay long phrases interspersed with short. Try reading your essay out loud.

Do not overload essay

When drafting the essay drop phrases from reference books. About the use of such phrases distract the focus of the user, reduces the value of the essay.

Avoid similar popular errors, you will be able to attract the student with your practical experience.

Essay control

Of great importance in the creation of essay carries the control of its first variety. In drawing up a draft version of your Central task is in this version to work out the argument, to process the primary thoughts and also arrange them in the presented rigid sequence, accompanying them all visual components or auxiliary source data and the like. Prescribing the very first project, allow him here a day or two to lie down, then return to the forms of work, respectively, check Yes amendment.


The only way to create everything so that the reader looked at different papers style of a particular Creator – to enter into essay element of a separate, exclusive. Your essays will immediately be more curious and attract attention. All of them will give the opportunity to separate in the society of several hundred other applicants.

Essay is required to be as personal as possible. It is foolish to present essay, which are teeming with common expressions – like a waste of your time. Under any conditions, you will not comprehend anything about the person of this Creator.


Much of what you personally create in this essay, we must assure examples, indicate references to personal skills. Details will make your own essay entertaining, rare, specific.

Literary creation

Teachers love essay data, which is bliss to read. Make sure in this version, the fact that your essay is easy to read. Give your work a little more time: find out whether your thoughts are logical, whether there is a reasonable conclusion of the subject.

An appropriate joke is a great tool, but use it appropriately. Sarcastic or cheeky tone is often annoying. Real humor is an art; it is recognized as a feature of excellent style.

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