Flaws in an essay

Essay does not use multiple-choice directions (if you selectively recommend a couple of response options). Creating essay is not limited to the moment, and of course have the opportunity to fix it repeatedly, ask friends to read your personal essay. Use a variety of opportunities but try to avoid popular missteps.

Not good enough inspection

Do not think that in turn will be limited to the control of writing. Read personal essay and then make sure that it is actually there that there is no certain ambiguous wording, bad turns, etc.

Too long preamble. Insufficient number of parts

Too often, an interesting essay differs in such a way that there is a listing of statements without displaying them with examples. When writing a essay distinctive common cliché: the priority of fervent activity and perseverance, a lesson on the mistakes, etc.

The flow of speech

Essay limited to qualified account expressions, because you ought reasonably to use the volume. At times, this denotes a denial of any ideas or details, only if they were previously mentioned somewhere and are not related to the process. These points only switch the user’s (listener’s) observation and complete the primary essay theme.

Long expressions

The longer the phrase, the better – that’s what some people think. Yet it is not quite so. Long phrases do not yet argue the truth of the Creator, but short sentences often create the maximum effect. It is preferable when in this essay long expressions alternate with short ones. Try to read the essay aloud.

Don’t overdo writing essay

When drafting the essay leave the phrase out of encyclopedias. The erroneous use of such phrases translates the reader’s attention, reduces the purpose of essay.

Avoid similar common errors, you can personally arouse the reader’s interest by your professional experience.

Essay verification procedure

A huge rule in the preparation of essay deserves a check of its first version. In drawing up a draft version of your own main task is to develop a proof, improve the main ideas and arrange them all in a certain strict order, accompanying them all explanatory means or additional information, and so on. Creating the 1st choice, give him personally a day or two to lie down, then return to the forms of work on the test Yes change.


Only one way to work it out so that the studying reader will consider the style of a particular writer behind all the documentation is to write a personal, unique component into this essay. Own essays will immediately become more interesting and attention-grabbing. They certainly will undoubtedly help to separate among the many other applicants.

Essay must be as individual as possible. It’s boring to read essay, which are filled with common expressions – like a mindless waste of reader time. Still, you will not learn about the personality of this Creator.


All that you will certainly include in the essay presented, should be supported by examples, to make references to a personal experiment. The items will represent your essay interesting, unique, peculiar.

Literary creation

Teachers adore such essay, study what – pleasure. Make sure that your essay is fast to read. Give it a little more time: check whether the personal thoughts are logical, whether there is a logical end of the topic.

An appropriate joke is a wonderful tool, so use it wisely. Ironic or bold tone is often angry. Appropriate humor is an art, timely is a sign of good style.

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