Guidelines for writing essays

In this publication, we will talk about the main measures for the design of a good essay.

Measure 1: formalize the thought

To compose at least normal material is not so easy, and without a clearly expressed idea in advance, the goal is essentially unenforceable. That’s why before you start to write, it is necessary to clearly Express the question. In this case, you should decide on pairs such as “idea-argumentation”.

An assumption is a holistic thought, which you think to present to the reader. Usually the content of the works must be paid a minimum of three points. For example, you think to write an essay on “What is unsafe envy”, theses to him may look like this: envious people will become unfriendly, for him hard to be surprised at the success of being around, he does not want to help anyone; in the current world of gloss and Instagram such persons are quite difficult to contact with others, envy initiates closeness and promotes isolation; envious individual triumphs bad luck of others, he will not seek to prevent injustice.

The thesis is the only one, cumulative on the whole essay. In support of each provision it is necessary to choose arguments, or rather confirming their data and examples. Based on the type of work it is a certain situation of real life, excerpt, a footnote on the research and more

Phase 2: invent the basic structure

Simplicity is not easy. Among other things, this means that for the sake of making a great work there is nothing to stuff it with a large number of facts, crushing, delightful literary methods. One of the basic subtleties of prosperity is a deliberate device.

In its design, it is convenient to rely on the ideas and grounds spelled out in the former stage: introduction – in such a component we are talking about the primary theses of the article; the main body – there are paragraphs with evidence, facts in support of the thesis, which are presented in a form suitable for essays of a certain type; conclusion – in this element you do not analyze the fundamental idea again, but carry out the conclusions according to the evidence presented.

Step three: use spare tools if needed

In case you need to write something straight away urgently, there may be a problem called “fear of the white sheet.” Although a writer knows what to write about, the first step can be the hardest.

The circumstances of the trembling white sheet turn out a lot: from ephemeral like “no mood”, to quite clear in the manner of paralyzing fear to get a bad grade for homework or excessive perfectionism. Of course, the lack of practice is also bad.

Experiments and samples convey that to solve this problem is possible through the use of samples of the articles. The idea is simple – it’s hard for people to write at least a sentence so that the page is no longer empty. But if all the same there already will be some words where it is necessary to make corrections – it is much easier to make it mentally.

According to Ghost blog, the use of article templates helps to increase the speed of article creation by six hundred%.

Step 4: review the text

After a while, when you overcame the fear of the white sheet and made the text, it is important to read it a few more times and correct errors. In case you compose it online, then the best idea would be to practice accessibility features for editing and grammar control. Such technologies help to edit typos, get rid of grammar errors and improve writing style.

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