How to write an essay?

In the life of many people there are times when you need to argue in writing some position, to clarify their behavior, to describe the impression of something, to tell about yourself, etc. and the like. And for this purpose, only writing an essay is preferable. In the available publication, we will directly tell you what an essay is and how to scribble it. Now we will give a slight explanation: the article is presented in the form of specific reference structures that reveal some of the properties of the essay.

What is an essay?

Essay – a small creation, sketched in the prose genre and has a free structure, but also expresses the individual points of view, conclusions and impressions of people on this topic. Although initially it does not pretend to be exhaustive or fundamental in the subject under consideration.

The purpose of the essay

The purpose of the essay is usually to improve creative thinking and the ability to write their thoughts. The effect of his writings is quite necessary, as conducive to learning and enhancing the skills of the wording of thoughts, data structuring, detection of causal relationships, illustrate the current experience of the diverse examples and reasoning to conclusions.

The quality of the essay

  1. Small size

In General terms, obviously, some concrete boundaries regarding the scope of an essay is not available. However, it is recommended to compose the essay in size from three up to seven sheets of printed material. But, for example, in various colleges in Europe are allowed to create essays up to ten sheets, but at Harvard business school essays do not create more than two sheets.

  1. Specificity of the subject and subjectivity of interpretation

Each essay usually has an exact question. In consequence of this, the essay is naturally not able to analyze wide objects, contain a large number of thoughts, and should reflect and develop only a single idea or give an answer to one question.

  1. Independent structure

Virtually no standardized boundaries can be used in the essay. Often, almost all works in the genre of essays are not based on the rules of logic, and obey any arbitrary associations and can be built at all observing the principle of “Everything backwards”.

  1. The naturalness of the story

Working on the essay, the writer must undoubtedly adhere to the confidential manner of contact with the reader, avoid difficult, too strict, unclear terms. Again, it is necessary to freely dispose of the object, to know how to present it from many sides in order to present a person with a diverse opinion on the issue under consideration, which can become the Foundation of his future reflections.

  1. The use of paradoxes

In some cases, the essay is designed to arouse the reader’s surprise. Some experts even believe this is the immutable criterion. The primary point to think the reader is some kind of expression, a paradox, full-bodied formulation that is able to knock off between a pair of incompatible thoughts, and so on

  1. Logical integrity

This is no less than one of the contradictions of the essay: characterized by an easy structure and biased interpretation of the creation at the same time has a characteristic semantic integrity. Rather, there should be a mutual connection of important theses and statements of the writer, harmony of associations and causes and consistency of concepts.

  1. Orientation to oral speech

Essay should be focused on clear to any individual colloquial speech, but is not obliged to include standard phrases and expressions, frivolous coloring, slang or jargon. The statement should be simple, but caught seriously enough.

Structure and scheme of the essay

The construction of the essay is often determined by two conditions: the images of the writer can be transferred in the form of short theses, and they must be reasoned.

In reason in this case is allowed to use any data, event, incident, situation, competence, academic evidence, the testimony of experts and so on It is best to use two reason for each thesis. Only two, as the only one may seem unconvincing, while three or more – overload concise and imaginative presentation.

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