Miscalculations in creating the essay

Essay does not use multiple-choice models (if you personally selectively recommend many versions of the response). Writing essay has no restrictions according to your time, but have the opportunity to edit it often, ask friends to view your personal essay. Use different probabilities and try not to make popular mistakes.

A bad audit

But do not think that it will be possible to do only the control of writing. Reread your own essay Yes be sure about the fact, that, in turn, in those places not any is used in several senses of the phrase, bad turnovers, etc.

Excessively long preamble. Missing components

Too often, the curious essay differs in such a way that it is a list of applications without the use of images of their samples. For essay are common clich├ęs: the prevalence of diligent activity and perseverance, the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, etc.


Essay have a limit of a specific number of texts, for this reason it is advisable to use this number. At times, it generally involves a separation from any thoughts, or items, exclusively, in the case that they long ago somewhere and remembered not really relevant to the case. These moments only switch the reader’s (viewer’s) attention and close the main task of essay.

A long expression

The longer the statement, the better – that’s what some candidates think. Only this is not quite so. Long sentences are even not arguing the truth of the Creator, and the best wishes very often produce a great effect. Best of all, if presented essay long phrases are replaced with short. Try to study the essay out loud.

Don’t overdo writing essay

When writing essay fold expression of encyclopedias. The erroneous use of such expressions translates the concentration of the student, reduces the value of essay.

Avoid such common mistakes, you always have the opportunity to attract the user with your professional experience.

Essay revision

Of great importance when writing essay deserves the control of the primary proper variety. In drawing up a draft version of your main task is, then, to develop an argument, to process the primary ideas and place them all in this strict order, accompanied by explanatory materials or relevant source data, etc. Prescribing the initial project, give him the opportunity to fall off a day or two, then return to the lesson according to the survey and amendment.


Only one way to arrange everything in this way, in order for the user to note the image of a single person for all the documentation – to enter into essay component subjective, unique. Own essays immediately become the most entertaining and attracting attention. They will allow you to stand out among several hundred other applicants.

Essay needs to appear as creative as possible. It is foolish to study essay, which are replete with well-known phrases – it is a waste of time. All the same you will not understand at all about the person of this Creator.


A lot of things that you personally create in essay, it is very important to confirm the samples, to make references to their own ability. Details depict their own essay entertaining, unique, specific.

Literary creation

Mentors adore such essay, study what – bliss. Make sure that your personal essay is easy to learn. Give him personally a little more time: check whether personal reflections are ordered, whether there is a logical conclusion of the problem.

Humor is a huge device, but use it expediently. Sarcastic or rude tone often angry. Successful humor is an art, it is recognized as an indicator of good style.

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