The central features of essay

It is necessary to highlight certain features of the option, which are usually found in directories and books

Small size

There are no boundaries. Essay scale – from three up to 7 sheets of electronic word. For example, in particular at the Harvard business school very often create essay only 2 pages. In Western institutions can be essay henceforth until 10 pages.

Clear problems

Theme essay continuously specific. Essay cannot store a lot of items or ideas. In addition, it recreates only one option, the only Duma. Next, creates it. Of course, this is a response to one main question.

Freestyle art is an important feature of the essay

Researchers indicate that essay is arranged in such a way that it is not necessary to conceal absolutely no formalities. In addition, it is often based outside the rules of logic, guided by random associations.

The simplicity and also understanding of the chronology

The essay writer should be streamlined manner of contact with to be understood, must be careful not to get deliberately complex, obscure, too serious builds suggestions. Scientists say that the correct essay can make only one who freely owns the topic, knows it from some positions but is ready to allocate a person a spacious look at the beginning of all his thoughts.

Overconsumption by phenomena

Essay must stun the student (the viewer) – in General, it is an indispensable quality. The source of the thoughts embodied in the essay is often considered beautiful, juicy expression or phenomenal device that combines the definite, but mutually exclusive to each other claims, the properties of the situation.

Hidden design

Of course, this is one of the sayings of the direction. Independent in terms of structure, designed for immediacy, essay has its own meaningful unity, i.e. the primary provisions and statements, its own harmony of arguments and associations, the consistency of those concepts, in which the individual reasonableness of the writer is manifested.

Focus on direct speech

It is recommended to avoid the use of essay slang, stencil replicas, expression restrictions, overly carefree tone. The style used in writing essay, is forced to be perceived fundamentally.

Consequently, when creating essay, it is very important to set its theme, set the desired format or mission of each paragraph.

Start with the most important idea or in other words catchy phrase. Your goal – to take the attention of the student. Most often, a relative comparative allegory is used, when an unpredictable moment or incident is similar to the main task of essay.

Essay writing guide

The official rule of design essay only one – the presence of the title.

The internal essay scheme can be free. Since in General, this is a small method of writing, it is not necessary to repeat the conclusions at the point, they will be able to be introduced in particular in the original content or in particular in the subtitle.

Agrometeorologist able to be before the idea of nuance. It can coincide with the final exception.

Unlike work, essay is a copy sent to a prepared reader. That is the reader, which in collective terms first reports about what exactly will be thought. Of course, this allows the Creator of essay to centralize on the detection of a brand new Yes not to fill in the review of the service parts.

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