The essence of an essay

The term “essay” comes to us from French and historically goes back to the Latin word exagium (reflection). French Essai can literally be expressed in words skill, testing, effort, sketch, story.

The work is a prosaic work of small size and fluent structure, conveying subjective impressions and judgments on the exact moment or circumstance and not actually claiming to predetermine or all-round interpretation of the subject.

In the “Explanatory dictionary of foreign words” essay is defined as “essay, treating some topics not in a comprehensive academic form, but rather in a free form.”

“Great encyclopedic thesaurus” provides the following meaning: “the Work is a style of General philosophical, literary-critical, historical-biographical, journalistic prose, linking emphasized the subjective point of view of the author with a direct, rather paradoxical style aimed at everyday speech.”

“A brief literary reference book” establishes: “an Essay is a prosaic composition of a small size and open structure, interpreting a subjective question and accomplishing the goal of showing personal impressions and points of view, in any way associated with it.”

Some qualities of works

  1. The presence of a clear object or problem. A creation devoted to the analysis of the vast scope of problems can certainly not be carried out in the style of an essay.
  2. The essay expresses personal memories and considerations to a particular topic or circumstance and in fact does not claim to predetermine or comprehensive interpretation of the object.
  3. Basically, the work involves a new, individually colored text about something, this work is able to conclude a philosophical, historical and biographical, journalistic, literary-critical, popular science or purely fictional character.
  4. The content of the essay takes into account the nature of the author – his views on life, thoughts and feelings.

This genre has become common now. The author of the essay is M. Montaigne (“Essays“, 1580). Now the essay serves as a reference quite often. It becomes one of the key components of the package of papers (at the time of admission to College or employment). Essay competition helps from a variety of the best to choose the best of the best!

It is necessary to write essays and for the Junior professional.

The way the applicant has managed to present himself in what way he has shown his successes and failures allows the employer to determine whether such an individual is good enough for the business, whether his experience is sufficient to give hope in the future and benefit the company.

The purpose of the essay is to develop skills such as independent creative thinking and writing their positions

Writing a story is unspeakably beneficial, because it allows the Creator to learn to clearly and skillfully Express assumptions, structure information, apply leading principles, point to cause-and-effect relationships, explain the experience with appropriate examples, justify their own conclusions.

The most burning question for the composition of the Junior specialist is the problem of “I and my career.” The subject matter of the essay is submitted in order to make it easy for the Commission (employer) to understand the properties of your thinking, creative talents, passion and potential. The preferred way to achieve this effect is to portray directly and sincerely, remaining blameless in front of himself. If you are not honest, there is every possibility that your creation will be considered far-fetched.

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