What is essay exactly?

Essay is a genre of creative writing of small size and free composition. Essay expresses individual impressions and also the Creator’s understanding of the exact question or topic and does not claim to be perfect or establishing clarification of the object.

The volume and options coexist with an academic article and a writer’s essay (with which essay is often confused), with another – with a philosophical treatise. For the type of essay is a typical picturesque restlessness of Association, expression, setting and then expressive speech.

Essay tasks, viewers, and data

The main points of essay are: notification, persuasion and entertainment of the user, self-realization of the writer or a combination of only one or many goals. Their successful conquest depends on the art of the author to carefully find your own group. The optimal essay is distinguished by a distinctive consideration, an understanding of taste and a better set.

The course of production of essay as a whole is from these stages: understanding the purpose, description of the issue, the selection of information, the formation of organized information, the production of the most important position, the composition of the draft.

Essay varieties


The statement connects the actions in the assigned sequence, most consistent. The primary position in the description is action and conflict. Speech is sometimes set out starting from the original or 3rd subject. The story is about the fundamental incidents and quite often contains a dialogue, one that represents the event and contributed to involve the reader into the story.


The manual describes the emotional experience: visual, acoustic, tactile, smelling, taste. Universal mood based essay using dominant impression. In order to form the display, it is necessary to choose the right observational moment, select and arrange the details with the help of spatial or (less often) chronological company

Process image

A variation of the mappings, often singled out in a separate category, is considered to be a statement of actions that are used to explain to readers how this is done or happens.


Demonstration is required for the sake of expression of thoughts. At the time of selection of samples one must come to the conviction that they support the idea and they are enough for the designated target.


Classification divides a broad task into certain categories according to some view, it becomes a different personality of any category and also represents, for example, these properties are modified between the categories.


Comparison evaluates two or many works for similarity. Almost always it can help to carry out selection between opportunities, but also acquaints the reader with new subjects for it. All components of the comparison are necessary to combine something cumulative and rely on perfectly selected details, showing what else the compared elements are similar or what really differ.

Root of the problem and consequence

The basis and conclusion constitute the category of communication. Essay, in whom causality is exploited, examines the factors – arguments why there are specific impacts and circumstances, and observations – the consequences of these acts and criteria.


The purpose of essay definitions is to learn the meaning of expressions or representations. They all come in 3 variants: by means of synonyms; existing and still illuminated, which previously represent a combination of other types of essay (history, display, process sequence, etc.).


Argumentative essay, basing on logically constructed data, wants to assure the reader to be in solidarity with a certain concept, to implement a certain action or to perform both. Its mission authors argumentative essay seeks through appropriate act, based on strict truth, the point of view of the authorities, the primary sources of information collected in the statistics information, etc.; sensitive Yes ethical impact.

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