What you need to understand about essay

Essay-arbitrary style. For all that, do not think that it is only necessary to release your idea and continue to write about what actually knocks in the mind. Of course, no.

Duma must be issued, take the trouble to Express themselves personally in word, put all their ideas entirely in the texts, they will become clear to the reader. However, individuality shows its own thoughts to other users together with a single idea – to remain heard.

Essay is a contradiction with the world. In essay it is necessary to argue with the fact that some believe the right and also suitable. Do not be afraid to encroach on trusted individuals. Get to support the stately persons, in order to enter into a dispute with them, and of course to confirm their narrowness of their concepts, or on the contrary, to support them in the aggregate truth.

Essay is training. In any appointment without the presence of exercise is difficult to achieve perfection. Essay is the most amazing exercise for composing individuals. And, on the other hand, essay is a full-fledged method, in this Arsenal of which later there are many brilliant works relating to writers, scientists, doctors, teachers and of course normal persons.

Moreover, the name itself “essay” in French suggests “try, test, experience”. Probably because in foreign school’s essay is an ordinary exercise that allows students to show the degree of their comprehension and Express their person.

For essay no matter the volume. And it has the ability to limit itself to one sentence, but has the ability to freely settle on 200 sheets. Perhaps in this issue manifests itself liberty!

Several Central essay standards

Three basic routines can help to draw essay:

  • First, compose about what really interests your person, choose an interesting problem.
  • In second place, cook about what you really feel and think, that is, keep within together with thoughts.
  • hird, write exactly how your person dreams, not paying attention to the others, not relying on the existing examples and standards, that is, try to outline the original intonation.

Essay on strategy

Essay is constructed in the same way as, for example, any other material, and is divided into three parts: the introduction, the main part and the consequence.

  • In the introduction the problem of the waiting reasoning is explained and the primary thought pours out.
  • In the leading part of the arguments and evidence expressed by the Duma, in addition, explained his point of view on the dilemma.
  • To top it all off, the answers are being made.

Classic direction style

To the category of essay addressed numerous writers. The history of the genre started with the “Experiments” of Michel Montaigne. Among foreign writers are allowed to refer to the works of Heine, of Chesterton, Carlyle, and others.

Today essay – the first of the most common thematic genres, does not lose personal relevance.

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